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Bernese Mountain Dogs & Shih Tzu


We are Agneta og Johnny and lives at Gran on Hadeland. 
We are from Sweden but we moved to Norway in 1996.

We are breeding persian & exotic cats since 1986 with the prefix Niwel

We got our first dog in 1993.She was an Golden Retrieverfemale with the name Kneippbadens Ninoutchka.
She became 10 years old.

After she was gone we was looking for another breed.We fall in love with the Bernese Mointain Dogs and no regrets.
Many thanks to Elin&Toril (
LeeArmand kennel) for buying Enya and Troja and for all help. 
Also thanks to Lisa&J÷rgen in Ljusdal Sweden (
Bernerdalens kennel) for buying Yoker.
Big thanks to Therese (
Triomar kennel) for Gipsy&Harley.

In 2009 I was with an friend for looking at  Shih Tzu-puppies and one of the puppies moved to us in may.
Thanks to Unni&Olav&Hilde (
kennel Amstar's) that made it possible for Ebba to move to us.
In March 2010 was Nicco coming to us,an beautiful Shih Tzu-boy. Thanks to Signy (
kennel Funny Feeling's) for breeding this wonderful male.
In august 2010 we became luccky owners to Tuva. Thanks to Taina and Barbro (
kennel Zhan-Thal) for her.
Thanks Anne Britt& Laila (kennel Arctic Roses) for letting Maddox move to us in april 2012

Agneta & Johnny ěhrn

Mogervegen 16
2750 Gran

+47 61311930

+47 99589395 eller +47 95032245


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